what is this UpFade thing?

UpFade is the front page of the art world. Yup, that’s a bold statement.

UpFaders upload their arty images and arty videos onto UpFade for promotion, review and comment. Art related content only please.

Other UpFaders vote on which arty images and arty videos are awesome. The hottest stuff rises to the top, while the cooler stuff sinks. Stuff will only stay in the HOT section for a total of 48hrs. After this time, it will disappear forever, unless it is hot enough to make it to the ALL TIME list. As a general rule, an arty image or arty video is ranked according to the number of upvotes it receives from the UpFade community less the number of downvotes it receives.*

Comments can be posted on all the arty stuff on UpFade. Please remember, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The UpFade community and the UpFade moderator monkeys are on the lookout for abusive, racist, sexist and generally distasteful posts, comments and trolls. These will be removed and trolls will be permanently banned from using UpFade.

User ratings on UpFade are pretty simple… sort of. As a general rule, you gain 1 user rating point for uploading an arty image or arty video and ½ a user rating point for making a comment. If your art image, art video, or comment is flagged by the UpFade community and subsequently removed by UpFade staff, you will lose any user ratings gained for that item and you may be permanently banned from using UpFade.*

* The UpFade monkeys have also implemented some fancy-pants algorithms, dynamic voting ring detectors and in-memory graphs to prevent users from abusing the voting and rating system.

If you've got something nice to say, you can email us at